Purpose of the association

The APIA Swiss association aims to be the centre of excellence in the field of SMEs’ governance. Our members, who are directors-executives, are the valued contacts of SMEs’ executives.

APIA’s mission is to promote and professionalize the function of Independent Director through its actions and collective efforts.

APIA believes that good governance guided by the public interest contributes to the company’s sustainable performance. In our opinion, the public interest covers four aspects: the durability of the company as a legal entity, the interest of the shareholders, the contribution to the company’s project, and the creation of value for stakeholders.

We favour a pragmatic approach adapted to the context of SMEs. It is based on the independence and professionalism of our members, whose actions are aimed at disseminating good governance practices with the aim of ensuring the sustainable performance of the company and not just compliance.


APIA Swiss is a non-profit association founded in January 2018.

APIA was created in 2003 in France by business leaders active in Boards of Directors or Supervisory Boards.

APIA France currently has more than 200 active members and more than 30 partner companies.

APIA’s motto is “business leaders talk to business leaders”.Increasing the number of its members while maintaining a high level of excellence.


The members of the Executive Committee of the association are:

  • Chairman, Olivier Bedat
  • Vice-Chairman, Daniel Brandenburger
  • Secretary, Eric Maire
  • Treasurer, Grégoire Bouille
  • Jean-Christophe Barth
  • François Bouteiller
  • Fouad Dadi


APIA Swiss has set itself the following objectives for the coming years:

  • Spreading good governance practices in SMEs,
  • Building up its notoriety and its integration into the SMEs ecosystem with the ever more active support of its partners,
  • Continually strengthening the competence of its members as independent directors,
  • Increasing the number of its members while maintaining a high level of excellence.
  • Developing the association first in Western Switzerland, then gradually across Switzerland through regional chapters.

APIA hopes to contribute in its own way to the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.


The association is financed by membership fees, the support of partner companies and sponsors.

APIA Swiss pursues its goal by the following means:

  • Constitution of an ethical and professional corpus through knowledge sharing and building involving members and partner companies.
  • Communication through testimony of governance experiences and practices of interest to company’s stakeholders. The association pays particular attention to giving a voice to business leaders who have had experiences that underline the importance of professionalizing governance bodies.