Who are we ? What are the goals of our association? What does independent director mean?

APIA Swiss is a non-profit association founded in January 2018. Its mission is to promote and professionalize the function of Independent Director.

With the increase in legal obligations and the number of specialized subjects surrounding a business, its management is becoming more and more complex. The manager does not always have the time to deal with all of these aspects. Guidance and support from a structured board of directors is therefore recommended. This makes it possible to maintain a clear vision of the role and missions of the company. To define how, legally and concretely, to achieve its goals. Create and adapt strategies. Anticipate risks based on reality to ensure the sustainability of the company.

At APIA, our independent directors are first and foremost professionals. Heads or former heads of companies, they have the experience and skills necessary to act on a board of directors.

The powers of the board of directors:

  • The strategic direction of the company, called “Top level Management”
  • Company organization
  • Financial control and accounting management
  • Appointment of persons in charge of management and representation
  • The preparation of GAs (General Assemblies) and the execution of decisions
  • Inform the judge in the event of over-indebtedness

How to set up your board of directors? Who to choose ? What profile? What skills? How to ensure that they will defend the interests of the company?

A board of directors must consist of people who have specific skills. For example in taxation, law, IT and above all, with extensive experience in business management. Varied, complementary profiles that are able to anticipate the future. One of APIA’s goals is to provide competent independent administrators in different fields of activity to meet the needs of managers of Swiss SMEs.

What are the advantages of adding an APIA Independent Director to your board of directors:

  • He has no share in the company, which guarantees his impartiality.
  • He brings a vision and complementary skills, for example, an independent director who perfectly masters the issues related to digitalization.
  • He takes the leader out of his loneliness by exchanging in complete transparency and complete confidentiality.
  • He is not financially dependent on a directorship

APIA Swiss has set itself the following objectives:

  • Spread good governance practices in SMEs
  • Increase its notoriety and its insertion in the SME ecosystem with the active support of its partners
  • Constantly strengthen the skills of its members as independent directors
  • Increase the number of its members while maintaining high standards
  • Focus on SMEs in French-speaking Switzerland

APIA hopes to contribute in its own way to the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.

In order to keep you informed on the subject, we will regularly publish content on the importance of governance in SMEs in Switzerland, share testimonials, and above all, remain available to answer all your questions.

APIA Swiss Team