For business leaders:
a valuable help

APIA, represented by one or more of its members, can work with business leaders to help them assess their governance practices or to help them better anticipate the changes they are facing (in their strategy, results, capital, markets, etc.).

APIA, through each of its members, embodies the best way for a company leader to receive help from an available and independent peer, an experienced entrepreneur, who is committed over time to contribute to the development of the company, who assumes legal responsibilities like him and who will be there if any difficulty arises with the company.

For shareholders:
security and sustainable development

APIA brings together business leaders who have also acquired an understanding of the shareholder perspective: they know how to distinguish between sovereign and executive powers. They also know which governance practices provide efficiency, security, and above all profitable and sustainable development. They provide shareholders with the guarantee of optimizing the operation of the company’s Board of Directors and its interaction with Executive Management.