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Sustainability as a long-term value creator

As companies become increasingly aware of their impact on society and the environment, sustainability is emerging as an imperative for long-term value creation. As leaders and decision-makers, companies need to adopt a sustainable approach that integrates...

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Transparency in corporate governance

Transparency is a fundamental pillar of trust in a company. When stakeholders - be they shareholders, employees, customers or society as a whole - have access to reliable, comprehensive information, it strengthens their confidence in the company's management and...

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Independent director vs. Shareholder Director

The composition of a board of directors will determine the quality of a company's decision-making. There are two types of director: the independent director, who has no direct financial ties with the company, and the shareholder director, who owns shares in the...

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IT Governance

Patrick Hendier, independent director specializing in IT governance, APIA Swiss member and independent consultant, answers all our questions on this important topic. Short definition: IT governance is an integral part of corporate governance. In fact, it aims to...

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Board of Trustees vs. Board of Directors?

Alexandre Pahud, independent administrator specializing in foundation governance, APIA Swiss member and commissioner appointed by the Supervisory Authority, answers all our questions on foundation governance. "A Foundation Board is dedicated to the realization of the...

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The role of an independent director in a family business

To support the content of this article, we asked APIA Swiss member Grégoire Bouille to share his experience of governance issues in a family business. Grégoire worked at board level for large multinational companies, until he decided to take over his father's...

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The impact of the new SA law on the good governance of SMEs

On March 21, 2023, APIASwiss and Mazars co-hosted an event on the impact of the new SA law on the good governance of SMEs. The goal: to review the significant changes in the board of directors and more specifically in the reinforced responsibilities of the directors....

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