Partner companies

APIA Swiss offers an additional outreach to its partner companies

APIA creates a dynamic that benefits partner companies.

By pursuing the common interest of developing good governance in SMEs, our partners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Contributing to the Swiss economy and enhancing the image of their company.
  • Complementing their expertise in governance.
  • Highlighting their competencies through joint events.
  • Leveraging synergies with the association.

Admission criteria

Partner members are legal entities with expertise relevant to the Association and wishing to support good governance in SMEs in partnership with APIA Swiss.

Their contribution is:

  • Financial, through membership fees and sponsorship of events,
  • Logistic, through the co-organization of events,
  • Professional, through participation in APIA working groups, a source of new knowledge, and through collaboration with members in the exercise of their mandates

The number of partners is limited to promote mutual benefit and reduce areas of friction between them.

Admission procedure

Candidates are sponsored by the member or partner who introduced them to APIA.

Members of the Executive Committee meet with the candidate’s representatives.

The conclusions of the interviews are reported to the Executive Committee, which then takes the decision to accept or reject the application.

No time commitment is required for a partner. However, experience shows that the best partner is the one who gets involved in the association.

The partners’ membership fee for 2019 is set at CHF 1,500.

Partner companies can:

  • Have a promotional link in the APIA site referring to their own sites.
  • Propose one of their representatives as candidates for the Steering Committee.
  • Have one vote, on an equal footing with all other members or partners, at the annual General Assembly which decides the main orientations and the budget.
  • Initiate, lead or support any working groups that interest them and then co-edit the corresponding booklet.
  • Receive all communications and publications.
  • Co-organize and sponsor events.
  • Receive invitations to events

Audit, tax and advisory

Audit, tax and advisory


APIA Swiss build upon collaborations to increase its impact

To strengthen our initiatives, we develop mutually beneficial collaborations with other associations or organizations that share our objectives.

The Family Business Network


Associated companies

Associate members can financially support APIA Swiss’s mission

Our associate members are companies that wish to financially support our Association through their membership fees or sponsorship.

They are not required to participate actively in the life of the Association, but may benefit at any time from the exchange forum and activities.

Associate members cannot vote at the annual General Assembly where the main orientations and budget are decided.