You are the manager of an SME in Switzerland and you want to complete your board of directors. Why use one or more independent directors? Because the independent board member:

  1. Challenges performance on strategic and operational topics

The role of the independent director will be to question you about your habits, your choices and the pertinence of your ideas.

Business habits quickly set in. One day, he decides to do this or that for a very specific reason. A few months or years later, the habit is anchored and the company continues to operate as it has always done without questioning the objective reasons which justify this modus operandi.

The independent director is there to help the company find the source, the reason underlying the implementation of such and such a process, to re-study it to see if it needs to be refined, optimize or simply abandon it because it is no longer relevant.

It is this fresh and critical look that will help you rethink certain routines that are no longer optimal.

  1. Controls the risks

Anticipation is a key point in managing a business. However, the daily concerns of the leader can block his vision. Having an independent director on your board makes it possible to ensure the proper functioning of the company and prevent risks.

  1. Breaks the leader’s loneliness and shares trust

Being able to share their experiences, their fears, their desires, in a climate of trust is a real asset for the leader. Especially since the administrator was or still is a leader! This allows him to have a perfect understanding of your situation from a professional but also more personal point of view.

He offers a benevolent and uncompromising listening. He takes responsibility and acts ethically.

  1. Reconciles stakeholder interests

The independent director also takes a “mediative” stance when the situation requires it. His impartiality allows him, once again, to see things with hindsight and to ease tensions.

  1. Helps accelerate growth by stimulating thinking

Always on the side of the company to ensure its sustainability, the independent director steers the board of directors in this direction. He dares to question, argue and position himself.

  1. The little extras:
  • He makes his network available
  • He offers you availability
  • He brings diversity

The APIA team is at your disposal to discuss it and looks forward to meeting you to introduce you to its independent directors. See you soon.

APIA Swiss Team