What does “independent” mean for a director?

The difference is its positioning. The Independent Director first defends the interest and sustainability of the company before that of its shareholders. Moreover, she/he must in no case depend on the fees received for this mission.

This is why the fairness of his remuneration is essential. Remuneration that is too low inevitably influences the insufficiency of the time devoted and too high a threat to its independence.

What is the profile of the ideal independent director?

Years of experience make the difference! They allow her/him to know the business world perfectly and to stay at the right distance during crises while maintaining a point of view that she/he considers fair.

Her/his field of activity, skills and expertise must complement and enrich the existing knowledge of the board of directors and correspond to the challenges of the company.

Thanks to her/his independence, she/he will be able, always in a benevolent way, to confront the choices of the leader. Her/his role, we remind you, is to ensure the sustainability of the company.

In a crisis, she/he is a pillar to rely on. She/he will know how to gain height so as not to be overwhelmed and thus be able to act.

What about her/his responsibility?

In the same way as the other members of the Board of Directors, the responsibility of the independent director is engaged if irregularities, concealment or fraud are proven.

What makes the difference?

An independent director must stay informed of all the latest news, of what is known but also of what is not yet known. Her/his daily activities then become a strength for the boards of directors. Being confronted with different realities, she/he is able to anticipate and best advise the leaders.

At Apia, we offer our members (all independent directors) training and time dedicated to discussion in the utmost confidentiality. This is how our members stay informed of the latest trends and current concerns. They can thus bring real added value to their boards of directors.

To maintain the excellence of our independent directors, we have strict membership criteria.

In addition, our members are or have all been:

  • SME business leaders
  • Administrators of an SME or professional administrators
  • Financially independent
  • Trained while agreeing to improve in the role of independent director

For us, good governance is the key to sustainability.

Would you like to integrate a new member into your board of directors? You don’t know who to choose to ensure their impartiality? Contact us! We will introduce you to our members.

APIA Swiss Team